Dream Anatomy

porta_p21Teaching anatomy is a recent addition to my workload. I used to wonder how an instructor could make such a topic fun and exciting to learn as my own experience was a  boring list of objectives and self-directed learning. As I was looking for illustrations to spice up my lectures, I stumbled across historical drawings that are in the public domain. The US National Library of Medicine has an online exhibit called “Dream Anatomy”.

I found this exhibit fascinating. I enjoyed the history of anatomical drawings as the science and art intermingled. The background on printing technology gave me a new appreciation for the creation and distribution of these images. The comments on the illustrations in the gallery were informative and gave me new insight on the goals and cultural background of the artists.

I’m not sure what to do with this exhibit beyond sharing with the students at this point. I liked how the exhibit put anatomical illustrations into context and gave anatomy a more interesting aspect that just the memorization of structures and their functions.


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